Leadership of Self Activity for “At Home Learners”

Leadership of Self is considered the first “level of leadership” and is defined as the ability to coach oneself through challenge, adversity, fear, and temptation, and the ability to set goals and a path to achievement. Developing the essential skills of self-leadership just takes a little bit of practice. Here is a fun and crafty activity that can help youths and young adults learn a few very important leadership skills – planning and organization, prioritizing time and responsibilities – while having a bunch of fun with personal creative expression!

This activity comes from Dr. Kelly Ryan (my wife), who is much more creative and artistic than I will ever be! Dr. Ryan utilized this activity with her high school students back in March (at the start of COVID-19 distance learning) and the students absolutely loved the project! Thank you for sharing your activity with us all!

Supplies Needed:

  • White printer paper and construction paper (5 to 6 colors)
  • Ruler (plastic preferred)
  • Pencil (for measuring/marking before making lines and labels in marker)
  • Black pen or black marker and other coloring tools (color pencils, crayons, or markers)
  • Scissors and a cutting surface (something that you can cut on!!!)
  • Scotch tape (optional)

Instructions Part 1

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Ideas for Classes and Other Activities (Step 7)

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The Finished Product

As you can see, Dr. Ryan’s Creativity is MUCH greater than mine – she knocked it out of the park with her daily planner!

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Leadership of Self for Youths and Young Adults

Learning to operate and thrive in uncertain times and situations is much like any other skill – the more we practice, the better we become! This daily planner activity will serve as a fun and creative way to teach the organizational and time management skills that will lead to more confident youths and young adults! Thank you again Dr. Ryan for sharing your activity with us all!

View the full instructional document here

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