Superheroes Need Not Apply!

Are leaders born or made? What are some key leadership attributes? What can I do to become a better leader? There’s a litany of questions about what a leader should look like, how they conduct themselves, and how they construct and develop their team member(s). Importantly, how does an individual perform when they are in a position of leadership/authority? Citizens would rather depend on a caped crusader to usher in and save the day. It’s much easier! Guaranteed victory, no planning or strategizing, ability to revisit, restructure, and benefit from past defeats…Where do I apply! Social media depicts these superheroes in spandex uniforms, long capes, with mutated powers and uncanny ability to hurdle the highest obstacles with ease. These metahumans are always at the friction point, ready to save the world from global catastrophes; however, these fictional characters are not leaders. Your favorite superheroes are not walking amongst us, nor are they here to teach a citizen on how to fly or out race a speeding bullet. Your greatest fictional character is not pulling individuals together to develop synergy, confidence, camaraderie, or demonstrate other key leadership attributes developed through adversity and experience. Why, the reader may ask? The answer is very simple. Superheroes with fictional powers cannot create, develop, or mentor a commoner into a leader, nor is this requirement outlined in their occupational prerequisite for hire.

“Job Description” – There’s No “On/Off” Button in Leadership! 

  • Part Time
  • Full Time
  • When Beneficial to Self

Are You The Right Fit?

The time to develop strong leadership skills, attributes, and traits varies.  An individual can have command presence, appear to be the best candidate for a position(s), and not be the right fit for the team or job vacancy.  Said individual may demonstrate those ideal traits in the presence of onlookers, but revert back to bad habits and actions in the absence of others.  Leadership positions can be held part/full time; but there’s no off-button for leadership – You are either doing it or not.  Leaders are unable to determine who, what, when, or how another individual/inspiring leader(s) may perceive their actions, negative or positive, to emulate or avoid while developing their leadership traits and attributes. 

“Leaders have another  equally important responsibility: to develop new leaders.  Effective leadership is typically caught more than taught. That means successful leaders must serve as role models for aspiring leaders.” Lee Ellis – Leading With Honor (p. 17)

Leaders do not have to be perfect or have the ability to bend cast iron with their bare hands.  Leaders must be genuine, attentive, understanding and observant of the image they project onto others…

Benefits and Challenges of Leadership


Leaders do not worry about kryptonite neutralizing their powers or sending them to the emergency room.  Leaders are unconcerned with avoiding shiny rocks from outer space, but hyper focused on, but not limited to the following topics:

  • Planning & Execution
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Team Management & Expectations 
  • Leadership Skill Development


Achieving Desired Results!

It’s not really work if you are having fun. The benefits of leadership are boundless. Leaders who continually plan and execute (make necessary adjustments) obtain desired results and outcomes from their team members and, most importantly, FOR their team members. Applicants will notice the motivation, initiative, and courage of their team members through the deliverance of effective and efficient communication within their workspace. Once applicants deliver the “Why”, team members will understand, acknowledge, and execute a collective plan – “always great to have everyone on the same sheet of music.” The golden rule of great leaders is to seek and develop future leaders. Applicants will be given the opportunity to serve in the highest capacity within a plethora of corporations, schools, management, organizational functions, peer-groups, etc.

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