Corporate Team Building: The Key to a Cohesive Team

Research shows that corporate team building activities are the single most impactful method in helping teams that struggle to work together develop into a more cohesive and efficient unit. By creating an environment with more effective communication and trust, you can increase collaboration, decrease turnover, and improve workplace efficiency. Learn how teambuilding activities create a more cohesive workplace below!

Corporate Team Building Allows Your Team to Share Experiences

When people experience a new activity together, it creates a “shared memory”. This memory is not tied to work or the stress and pressure that can occur in an office environment. The corporate team building event at Empower Adventures is an outside experience that employees can draw on to bond with one another. It is through these outside experiences and memories that teammates develop friendships and closer connections.

Cohesiveness is Most Effectively Developed Through Experiential Activities

It has also been shown that when a group experiences a new event or activity together, they grow closer by experiencing the pressure of learning together. Making sure you select the right corporate team building activity is important to foster this feeling of cohesiveness. Search for events that promote support of one another in a new activity as this can lead to greater trust and more effective communication. Avoid events that are competitive which can lead to micro-communities within the workplace. Team building activities designed to create cohesiveness can be the key to creating a more efficient and effective office environment.
Creating a more tight-knit team in the workplace has a multitude of benefits for workplace performance:

  • Improves conflict-resolution as communication is more open
  • Promotes teaching and learning moments between team members
  • Blends complementary strengths in the workplace
  • Encourages healthy risk-taking as blame is spread among the group instead of an individual employee in case of failure
  • Sharing of success promotes thinking outside the box and brainstorming sessions
  • Facilitates good decision-making and implementation among co-workers

Corporate Team Building Activities with Empower Leadership

At Empower Leadership, we offer the team building packages designed to transform your office of individuals into a cohesive unit ready to work as one. We also offer more intensive team building packages if your team already works well together and you want to take it to the next level. For more information on our corporate team building events contact Empower Leadership to reserve today!

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