Keeping the Momentum

Deciding on setting a goal is only step one in the process of personal or professional growth. Last month, I discussed the goal-setting processes and steps that can be taken to see that goal or new habit through to fruition in a blog. At Empower Leadership, we often refer to this process as finishing the drill. Over a series composed of three parts, I (Sara Stirling) will join Dan Jaskot on the Lead With Empower podcast to discuss my major goal for 2021, why I set this goal, and my progress throughout the beginning phases of creating new habits.

What drives us forward?

In episode 1 of Season 3 of the Lead With Empower podcast, Dan Jaskot (President of Empower Leadership) and I sit down to discuss leadership of self, the role that it plays in goal setting & execution, and how I’m is working through a major goal for herself in the new year. In setting this goal, I chose something that was very close to my heart – the love of creating through art.

What’s the goal?

With a love for crafting and making art, I’ve always been drawn to expressing myself through creative means. For 2021, I set the goal of creating 10 new pieces a month – regardless of the format or medium. It could be a physical painting, a digital illustration, or a multimedia piece that’s 3-dimensional in nature. These 10 pieces aren’t limited to any specific format or to meet any specific requirements, I just have to CREATE.

The Why

I’ve realized over time that creating art in its various forms provides a lot of intrinsic value. Whether it’s keeping me emotionally/mentally healthier, having something tangible that I can hold onto to say “I made this,” or being able to pick up commissions from people who love my art, it provides me a large amount of joy.

As added benefits, I’ve found that through sharing the process of creation & making art, I’ve inspired others to do the same. By being vulnerable in my processes & sharing my pieces, I’ve had others come to me and tell me that they’ve felt confident enough to do the same. In addition, I’ve grown confident enough to open my own art prints store and incremental revenue is never something to complain about!

The Current Status

So, where am I today, as of February 1? I managed to create a total of ten (10) pieces for January! Included below is a gallery of some of the pieces that I painted in January 2021. You might notice that some of them have similar patterns, but I wanted to be able to play with different colors together. A huge part of what I enjoy about art is mixing colors to see what type of looks I can create.

Looking Forward

Part of being successful at achieving your goals is looking forward. Are there any roadblocks you might anticipate? What did you learn in the past 31 days (or so) that determines any adjustments that need to be made to aid in the road to success? What ways has the goal been challenging so far? What ways has it been easy?

January was definitely a challenge. With family obligations and personal obligations, I realized that ten (10) pieces per month was definitely a stretch. But, I was able to still complete it when it came down to the wire. I have identified that I need to be more proactive in the way that I approach scheduling this time. In addition, it’s essential for me to not procrastinate or let distractions get the best of me.

Creating is truly where I find a significant amount of joy, so it’s important for me to remind myself of that whenever I start to lose focus or momentum. Stay tuned for two more updates with me in the coming months while I hold myself accountable!

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