Empower Leadership delivers exciting and fun adventures inspiring team cohesion and personal development.

After 8 years of adventuring as a US Army Infantry Officer, Empower Founder Joe DeRing and his team created a special brand of leadership and team building experiences. These experiences are a unique blend of active and group-appropriate activities designed to stretch your comfort zone and are combined with hands-on learning and personal coaching.  These experiences seek to strengthen bonds within groups, challenge the status quo, inspire creativity and produce better than ever results.

Our dedicated team of leadership experts are passionate about helping you become your best!
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Empower Leadership has adventure park locations and partners in Connecticut, Virginia, and Florida.  You can join us at one of our adventure park locations or we can bring the adventure to you with our Mobile Training Team.

∙ Empower Leadership Adventure Park Partners – Bridgeport, CT., Storrs, CT., & Mystic, CT
∙ Empower Adventures Middleburg – Middleburg, VA
∙ Empower Adventures Tampa Bay – Oldsmar, FL


Our adventure experiences are created to get participants out of their comfort zone, in a safe environment, while allowing them the opportunity to experience the benefits that naturally exist in adventure activities.

It is that one extra step into the “stretch zone” that will help you and your team soar to new heights together.


This experiential model for learning is among the most effective for leadership development due to its active, hands-on approach, intentional design, and facilitated reflection exercises.

We believe that facilitated experiences with intentional outcomes are ideal ways to learn and achieve.


Empower’s training and development workshops seek to share extensive leadership and team building knowledge, best-practices, and resources to the people who need them most.

From corporate leaders to youth group leaders, we provide the tools to engage their audience in transformative experiences that inspire improvement.


Often, a fresh perspective or new set of eyes on a challenging situation can help identify creative new solutions. Our leadership experts are here to help.

From an assessment of your current corporate culture to aiding in addressing management concerns, our team can help you find the path to higher levels of performance.



Adventures get you out of your comfort zone.

After several years of jumping out of airplanes and helicopters and climbing through some of the world’s most remote mountain ranges as a member of the military, our founder, Joe DeRing, realized that it was these adventures that helped him find new inspiration and purpose in his life.  It was in overcoming his fears and accomplishing those missions that changed the way he viewed hardship and difficulty.  He learned that his ability to overcome challenge, adversity and fear is the most important skill a human can possess.

When Joe returned home in 2008 he set out to teach others this important lesson.  Adventure can inspire and motivate individuals to step outside of their comfort zones into their “stretch zone” and that this is where greatness lives.  This is where you may find a renewed sense of purpose, direction and motivation for living your best life.

Taking on adventure as a team is a great way to improve the way individuals and groups lead themselves.  In the end, adventuring can provide moments of triumph, victory and accomplishment that results in an unstoppable force of momentum towards further achievement and confidence in oneself to overcome any obstacle.

Come adventure with Empower.  You will be amazed at what you can become.


We’re here to help you with all of your leadership development and team building needs. To learn more, or book a program with us, contact us today.

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