The 5 Qualities a Leader Should Have

Developing Leadership Skills: 5 Qualities of a Successful Leader

Describing a successful leader can be difficult. When we see a leader we tend to just know. They have that “it” factor, that indescribable quality that causes people to listen or follow their lead. At Empower Leadership we do not believe that leadership is a quality that we are born with – we think it is a skill that can be fostered and developed, like any other skill. By actively placing ourselves in positions that require we develop leadership qualities we learn from our experiences. Today, the Empower Leadership team discusses these qualities so we can better understand what that “it” factor really is and how we can work on developing leadership skills.

#1 – Confidence

The thing about confidence is it does not affect only one person. Confidence is contagious in a group setting. People are naturally drawn to confidence and will seek out and trust advice from a confident leader. Developing leadership skills starts with establishing a confidence within yourself. It is so important to leadership that many of these other qualities depend, first and foremost, on the leader being confident.

#2 – Communication

Being clear and concise when communicating with others is an extremely important aspect of leadership. By offering a clear vision and improving others ability to understand goals leaders are able to accomplish things that someone who struggles with clear communication would have trouble with. Luckily, communication is one of the easier changes to start when developing leadership skills. Work on listening to those around you and really thinking about their ideas, and you will be on your way to being a better communicator.

#3 – Dependability

The best leaders are accountable to those who follow them. Dependable leaders make sure their plans work. They will follow up on those they are working with and make sure to correct problems in order to get things back on track. When they say that they will accomplish a goal they do everything they can to succeed.

#4 – Humility

Developing leadership skills requires someone who is introspective and willing to accept flaws within themselves and will work to correct them. They will have the self-esteem to recognize the value of those they work with, without feeling threatened. A humble leader will also be willing to admit when they are wrong and are not above taking constructive criticism to heart.

#5 – Courage

All leaders need to make difficult decisions, often in stressful situations. The ability to have the courage to be decisive is key to being a great leader. Sticking with your decisions in the face of adversity also requires courage that will inspire those working with you. At the same time, courage means having the fortitude to change course when they realize their current path is unsuccessful.

Developing Leadership Skills with Empower Leadership

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