Leadership Development: Best Skills Of A Leader (Part I)

At Empower Leadership, we believe in training today’s and tomorrow’s leaders with our leadership development program. Many people believe that leaders are born, not made, but this is a common misconception. Some individuals might grasp leadership skills quicker or more naturally than others, but with the right leadership development program, anyone can learn the skills necessary to become a great leader.

Leadership Is About Building Skills

At Empower Leadership, we take into consideration the skills you or your team need to develop most, and we build a leadership development program emphasizing the improvement of those skills. At the end of the day, becoming a great leader is more about learning what it takes to lead others. It is not about any inherent values of the individual. If you can learn the following skills, you can become a great manager, teammate, or all around leader.


Crucial to our leadership development plan, we try to instill a sense of self-awareness into all of our participants. If you do not know your own shortcomings and weaknesses, then you will have a difficult time finding a way to work around them. You will also find it difficult to accurately assess your team. They can help you where you fall short if you can see both your and their strengths clearly.


This leads from self-awareness. Once you determine the strengths and weaknesses of yourself, your team members, and your team as a whole, you can delegate tasks properly. Some people save too much work for themselves and some people fail to see their own failures, but a great leader will understand when and to whom to delegate a task, and when to take care of something themselves. Leadership development allows you to hone your ability to discover what types of people will do best with what tasks.


Perhaps the most important virtue for the workplace as a whole, you want your staff, employees, and team members to be at their best, is honesty. An honest team catches each other’s mistakes and calls out its members when quality is not up to desired standards. Honest team members also take ownership of their mistakes and work to improve next time. This healthy work environment must start with the leader. A trusted leader instills faith in the entire project or the entire company.

Leadership Development with Empower Leadership

At Empower Leadership, we believe in cultivating the leadership skills of everyone and anyone. Contact Empower Leadership today for more information. Join us for leadership development and follow us for the next installment of this series on leadership traits.

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