Get The Most Out Of Your Corporate Team Building With These Tips

Corporate team building events with Empower Leadership are meant to help your team work together more cohesively, communicate across departments, respect one another, and foster relationships. You can’t just expect to show up at a corporate team building event and have everything fall perfectly into place. Sure, the Empower Leadership team will create team building exercises based on your needs and catered to your unique situation, but your team must be prepared and in the right place to absorb and grow from this learning process.

Set Clear Goals

If you are planning a corporate team building event, you probably see some areas of your team that need improvement. Don’t try to tackle every issue at once—you will only confuse team members and get very little accomplished. Choose one or two key issues that the office struggles with, and clearly define your goal of having the team improve in these areas. If you clearly set and define your goals with the team, they can better take advantage of these team building activities for work.

Be Considerate of Their Time

You want your team building activities to reduce the stress of your employees and coworkers. Team building becomes a burden and often gets a bad rap simply because it is not scheduled in an effective and considerate way. Get a feel for when people would be most open to going to an event. Some employees don’t mind going on a weekend, but this timing might add more stress than relief for others. Find a time that won’t interfere too much with your team’s valuable personal time, or increase their workload.

Communicate Expectations Clearly

You want each and every person in the team to participate and get the most out of all team building exercises for work. In order to do this, you must communicate exactly what you want the team to work on, that you want them to enjoy themselves, and any other factors in play. Team members will want to know whether they get paid for the event, if the time spent away from work will add more stress to the week, and what corporate team building activities they will be participating in.

Corporate Team Building with Empower Leadership

Nothing gets your team loosened up and ready for corporate team building like a beautiful day adventuring with us.  We help you conquer fears, grow as a team, and trust one another through our different group activities. Contact Empower Leadership today to get started on your unique corporate team building event.

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