What Makes a Good Leader?

The team at Empower Leadership is dedicated to building up every adventurer who steps foot on our campus. At our challenging adventure parks and during our ground-based programs, participants are encouraged to recognize and break through their own boundaries, forge new bonds with their teammates and group members, and learn new strengths.

They are also encouraged to become leaders. At Empower Leadership, we believe the world needs more good leaders, which is why we have dedicated our course to instilling in adventurers a sense not only of teamwork but also one of team leadership. Everyone has the power to become a leader, and we want to help you prove to yourself that you can do it.

In the spirit of maximizing leadership potential, today Empower Leadership offers some characteristics of a great leader. We believe leaders come in many forms and that many of these leadership values can be expressed in different ways. Read on to learn more!


Creativity refers not only to a person’s ability to think of fresh takes on old ideas. At Empower Leadership, we recognize that creativity can be applied in all sorts of ways. When a leader recognizes the diversity of skills among their team, they can apply their creativity to the way they delegate tasks, pairing together smaller teams not only to get the best results, but in a way that each team member learns from the other.


A good leader views their team not simply as a means to achieve a goal. Rather, a good leader recognizes the team as a contingent. They may share the same or similar goals, but they have unique talents and skills, and they may even have aspirations to become leaders themselves.

Because Empower Leadership is dedicated to helping everyone discover leadership qualities in themselves, we recognize that a very important aspect of a leader is also knowing when to step aside and let the expertise of others shine.


While a leader should possess the ability to aggressively pursue goals, sometimes achieving them at any cost, they should also recognize the importance of humility. They should be able to recognize the outstanding achievements of the team which make success possible in the first place.

At Empower Leadership, we’ve seen team after team find a way to succeed through our aerial and ground-based teambuilding challenges, and we can attest that the strongest teams have humble leaders who recognize the irreplaceability of their team members.

Develop Your Skills with Empower Leadership

If you’re looking to expand your capacities as a leader or discover the leader within yourself, then look no further. We’re here to accelerate your progress, improve your team’s cohesion, and, perhaps most importantly, make sure that you have an awesome time soaring through the canopies and participating in our challenges. Contact Empower Leadership to learn more.

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