Empower Leadership delivers uplifting experiences inspiring development of essential leadership skills. Set goals and a path to achievement, collaborate to resolve conflict and problem solve, and take healthy and responsible risks to achieve greatness with Empower Leadership.



Team building adventures are the perfect blend of productive leadership development, team building, and group bonding fun.  Strengthen relationships and essential leadership skills with exciting and engaging experiences designed for youth and school groups of all types.

EMERGE Team Building   

Includes collaborative ground-based adventure initiatives that provide teams a unique and exciting perspective on how they work together, lead and communicate effectively, problem solve, resolve conflict, and achieve shared goals.

SOAR Team Building   

Combines our thrilling Zip Line Adventure with our EMERGE Team Building initiatives for a memorable comfort-zone challenging experience fostering teamwork, support, and exceptional achievements.

Tribal Team Challenge   

A competitive spin on EMERGE Team Building; includes ground-based team challenges set up in an exciting “team vs. team” competitive format. Which Tribe will become the Empower Leadership Champion?

Tribal PLUS Team Building   

The SOAR Team Building event with a competitive twist! Embark on a tree top journey during the Zip Line Adventure experience before taking on the Tribal Team Challenge event.


Highly customized experiential workshops and training services that engage participants in empowering skill building and leadership development. Experiences can range from simple to intensive, with single workshops or multiple session workshops available. Our leadership experts will conduct a participant needs assessment prior to designing a customized service specifically for your group.

After School Empowerment

Transforming after school programs into leadership development fun. We bring the EMERGE initiatives to you; helping students set goals and paths to achievement, persevere through challenge, problem solve, and resolve conflict.

Student Council Leadership

Two EMERGE Leadership Development events and an end-of-year Aerial Adventure Park experience all designed to provide student leaders with leadership skill building experiences and multiple leadership application opportunities.

School Community Building

A start-of-year “field day” style event including meaningful leadership development and team building lessons designed to help entire grade levels build community, strengthen relationships, and learn to work together.

Leadership Laboratory

Experiential “in-class” workshops including leadership development presentations, innovative leadership problem solving challenges, and student reflections designed to help transfer meaningful learning to the classroom.

Level I Leadership Odyssey

Personalized leadership skill development training for middle school students including a series of aerial and ground-based experiential adventures, goal setting exercises, leadership readings, and personal reflection.

Level II Leadership Odyssey

Personalized leadership training for high school students including personal leadership challenges, goal setting and goal achievement action plans, weekly reflection meetings, journaling, and leadership readings.

Diversion Skill Development

Multi-session training designed in collaboration with Youth Service Bureaus for teens involved in their juvenile review board; includes ground-based and aerial leadership initiatives, personal reflections, and goal setting exercises.

Successful School Transition

Experiential program for students who are facing academic, social, or behavioral challenges; includes ground-based and aerial adventures to build trusting and supporting relationships between students, adults, and student mentors.

Empowered School Culture

Bring leadership to the forefront of your school’s culture through multiple engagements including community building events, student mentor training, experiential leadership intensive, faculty training, and small group team building workshops.

Youth Cabinet Leadership

Leadership development intensive focused on collaboration, strategic action-planning, and creative problem solving designed for teens involved in local leadership organizations and responsible for organizing community events.

Camp Staff Training

Staff bonding, team building, and facilitation training for summer camp staff that includes an exciting and engaging mix of ground-based team building initiatives and best-practices for their implementation in your summer camp.

CIT Leadership Training

Multi-session experiential training includes leadership skill development and team building initiatives, group management tactics, and introductory facilitator training designed to best prepare CIT’s for your summer camp program.


Group bonding adventures focused on the FUN!  These adventures are designed with fun bonding in mind, allowing your youths to take a break from the daily grind and share an exciting and adventurous experience together.

ASCEND Group Outing   

Your team will find the perfect amount of challenge and “out of comfort zone” experiences in our Zip Line Adventure featuring five zip lines, four aerial obstacles, and our 200′ suspension bridge.

EMERGE Group Outing   

Emerge together better than ever during our on the ground group outing featuring an exciting blend of collaborative and competitive team building initiatives and challenges appropriate for all ages and ability levels.

Tribal Group Challenge   

The Tribal Challenge is for groups looking for spirited competition! Team compete in a variety of challenges requiring teamwork and problem solving. Earn points for your team and be crowned the Empower Leadership Champion!