Join Empower Leadership’s Dan Jaskot in our exclusive Distance Learning Workshop to help make the most of your time as an at-home student.

The day-to-day routines of students and teachers have been changed dramatically due to health and safety concerns in our communities surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. These changes have put us all in a very unique situation – forcing us to make the decision to either adjust and adapt to the new version of school or let the circumstances dictate our ability to achieve.

During this uncertain time, it is essential for each of us to identify challenges we may face as an at-home student, develop strategies to overcome those challenges, and create new routines to help us continue our academic success!

In this strategically designed online resource, we will review proven empowerment tools to help you overcome this unique challenge and succeed to the best of your ability.

  • Interactive presentations and activities focused on helping students:
  • Lead themselves through challenge while learning to control the controllable
  • Identify potential barriers to successful at-home learning
  • Develop new routines and strategies to overcome those barriers and achieve
  • 30 minutes in duration
  • Private access to Empower Leadership video content



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