Team Building Activities To Do After An Empower Program

After Empower Training: Team Building Activities to Keep Motivation High

After your program to Empower Leadership, there’s no reason you can’t continue to have team building activities regularly to keep everyone motivated. There are a ton of ideas for team building activities online, so we decided to help you narrow it down and highlight some of our favorites.

Two Truths and a Lie

This game is a great icebreaker and really helps your team to get to know one another. The game is simple. You just need your group, some pieces of paper, and some pens. Have each member of the team write down two truths and a lie about themselves in whatever order they want. The lie should be believable and convincing enough to blend in with the truths. Also, the statements should be interesting and things that you’d think other members of the team might not know. Once they’re finished, you have each member of the team read their two truths and their lie, and the rest of the team votes on what the lie is.

Egg Drop

Team building activities should foster creativity and collaboration between team members. Egg drop is perfect for this. For this activity, you’ll need eggs and a variety of craft materials – things like cardboard, popsicle sticks, tape, straws, plastic, and more. Divide the team into smaller groups and give them 30 minutes to build a holder for the egg. The holder is meant to protect the egg from breaking after dropping it from 10 feet (or whatever height you choose). Whichever team creates the best and safest container for the egg wins.

Develop Problem Solving Skills

Leadership development programs are designed to be challenging. Through challenges, young people develop problem-solving skills that they can use in the real world. Such skills can include working with others, delegating tasks, and recognizing right from wrong. These skills are applicable to almost any situation, but they can only be learned through experience. By getting young people out of their comfort zones and putting them in challenging situations, they can reach their fullest potential.

Scavenger Hunt

One of the more classic and entertaining team building activities is a scavenger hunt. Everyone knows how they work and they’re a ton of fun. You can hold the hunt inside or outside the office. You can include clues to landmarks in town, or you can make clues for them to find something you’ve hidden. The variety of ways you can do a scavenger hunt means that you can keep using this activity throughout the year and it doesn’t get stale.

Start Your Team Building Activities with Empower Leadership

At Empower Leadership we specialize in unique and effective team building activities to bring your team to the next level. Our corporate team building programs will bring your team closer together and help you work better with one another. It also is great, relaxing escape from the office! If you’re interested in our corporate team building programs, contact Empower Leadership today.

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