Eyes on the Finish Line

Whether your fiscal year is just starting or it’s based on the calendar year and you’ve knocked out more than half of it, it’s incredibly important to always keep your eyes on the finish line. Outside of the office, we’re nearing the end of the summer and have seven months of 2021 under our belts. As we see another season pass and are closer to a new year than we are to the beginning of this one, it’s time to take inventory of where we’re at and where we want to go.

Check Your To Do List

Maybe you’re a crazy planner like me, with several to do lists around the house, or you have a mental inventory of the things you’ve wanted to accomplish so far. Being a strong leader of yourself and others requires you to have goals, as well as keep track of those goals. Now is the perfect time to check that handwritten list, digital compilation, or mental checklist of the things you’ve wanted to accomplish. If you’re just starting a fiscal year in the workplace, take a moment to make that to do list now.

Take some time to reflect, using the following questions for inspiration, if needed!

  • What have you accomplished so far? Don’t forget to celebrate your wins, even the small ones!
  • What big items do you still have on your list? What things can you do to make them happen?
  • Have any of your priorities shifted? What caused that shift?
  • Has/have your WHY(S) changed at all?
  • What can you make a priority today?

Plan of Attack

There are sure to be things that you still want to accomplish in 2021 or in a new fiscal year at work. Maybe they’re new items on the to do list, or they’re things outstanding in your existing plan. The easiest way to get most things done is to create a plan of attack. Strategize ways that will help you meet your goals effectively and efficiently. Breaking big goals down into bite-size pieces makes it easier to accomplish, but also less stressful to see small steps you can take instead of one large, lofty thing to accomplish.

Ask the Hard Questions

Maybe you’re doing a great job of knocking things off your list(s), maybe you’re not. As long as you continue to take steps to move forward, grow, and lead with a purpose; you’re doing something right. Whether you’re succeeding at hitting the mark or struggling to get things done, it’s so important to take some time to ask yourself the hard questions.

If you’re struggling, ask yourself why. What are you doing that is holding you back from going further? What things should you start doing? Stop doing? What can you do differently for a stronger performance? Are there any people in your life or on your team that can help you accomplish your goals faster, or better? Have you been honest with yourself about your performance or the things that might be holding you back?

If you’re succeeding, ask yourself why. Yes, it starts with the why in both instances! What things should you keep doing? Has your motivation shifted at all? What do you do to keep yourself motivated? What has contributed the most to your success? What temptations or adversity have you faced along the way? While you might be succeeding, is there anything you can do better?

Make Sure to Celebrate the Wins

Regardless of whether you’re well on your way to meeting your goals or struggling to get there, you’ve definitely had some wins along the way. No matter big or small, taking time to recognize, honor, and celebrate these wins is a huge part of leading yourself through challenges. Not sure how to celebrate your wins? Here are some ideas!

  • Acknowledge them! Make note of it, write them down, just be sure you recognize them!
  • Reward yourself. Maybe it’s a special meal, a sweet treat, or an adult beverage. Maybe it’s a small retail celebration or an item you’ve been eyeing to treat yourself with. Just make sure you reward yourself in a way that works for you!
  • Share them with someone you love! Tell your friends, your family, your loved ones. Let them celebrate with you!
  • Communicate your plans to go further with your goals with people you care about. Let them help hold you accountable as needed, it’ll help you get further!

Finishing the Drill

Now is the time to keep charging forward. It’s easy to get comfortable or let fear get in the way of you continuing to move forward towards your goals. At Empower Leadership, we like to look at things with a Keep, Start, Stop exercise. After taking some time to reflect and celebrate your wins, try answering the Keep, Start, Stop. What should you KEEP doing? What should you START doing? What should you STOP doing? This will help you stay focused on your goals and keep you moving in the right direction.

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