Team Building Activities Can Make a Difference in Your Teen’s Life

Let’s face it, being a teenager is not easy and being the parent of a teenager is equally daunting. During this awkward and often painful transition into adulthood, a teenager will be faced with many life-choices, temptations, and decisions that will directly weigh on the success of their future. As a parent, you want nothing more than your children to grow up and be successful, so you can retire to that vacation home that you’ve always dreamed of, kick back a few drinks, and reap the fruits of all the labor you put in over the years.

Throughout this crucial stage of development and self-discovery, teens are faced with an overwhelming amount of peer pressure and temptations. I’m sure you remember those days or maybe you’re still suppressing the memories. The point being, there are no shortage of bad paths that teenagers can go down, blinded by a raging storm of hormones and a desire above all: to “fit in” with the “in-crowd”. With all that being said, it is crucial to equip your teens with the tools and resources they need to surmount the obstacles and challenges that they undoubtedly will face during this awkward transition into adulthood.

At Empower Leadership, we offer a series of team building activities that are designed to help give them the confidence they need to navigate through this difficult chapter of their lives. Using proven, real-life strategies taken from the United States Army, adventure recreation, and experiential education we provide recreational adventures, leadership training, and team building activities for groups and individuals. We believe in the power of adventure to empower individuals and increase positive leadership skills. If your teen needs a boost in self-confidence to prepare them for real-world challenges, Empower’s adventure facilities are an additional solution you should consider.

Empower Leadership & Empower Adventures Beginning

The idea behind Empower Leadership  started with the founder Joe DeRing back in 2006. Joe spent eight years in the U.S. Army. Obstacle courses and confidence training have long been staples of the U.S. Army. Joe not only loved these training environments but also saw the potential to use them as leadership development programs. In 2009, this dream became a reality and the first Empower Adventures location was born.

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From compass scavenger hunts, tree climbing adventures, to zip-lining, there are no shortage of team building activities at our Empower Adventures locations for your teen to realize their strengths and potential to be a confident leader and take the reigns on their future success. We foster this by designing our adventures to push them to their limits without ‘real world’ consequences. These high-reward, low-risk activities will give them the opportunity to succeed in areas they never dreamed were possible.

It’s no secret that developing leadership skills is crucial to success and our promise at Empower Leadership and Empower Adventures is to offer the feedback they need to develop their strengths and improve on their shortcomings. Team building activities also help to develop communication skills, strengthen co-worker relationships, and create a result-driven mentality. The successes they will be able to achieve through our team building activities will leave them with a sense of achievement and confidence that they can take with them and apply to the rest of their lives. Contact Empower Leadership for more information about our adventure facilities or leadership development programs.

Youth Leadership Development at Empower Adventures

At Empower Leadership, our leadership development programs help young people develop the skills and confidence to become leaders in their community. Not only are our programs are great learning opportunities, but they’re also a lot of fun. With adventure-based courses and our enthusiastic instructors, your child is sure to have a good time and make some memories. To sign up for a program, contact Empower Leadership today!

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