Tips for Doing Obstacle Course Team Building Activities

If you are heading to one of our adventure parks to participate in team building activities, then chances are that you are going to encounter the leadership obstacle course. This activity is a fast-paced, exhilarating test for both your physical and mental abilities. The many demands of the course make it an ideal challenge to take on with a team. The course is not always as easy as everyone anticipates, however. If you don’t follow some basic guidelines, then you may not be able to complete all of the activity’s requirements. Empower Leadership shares some fundamental tips to keep in mind when running through the obstacle course.

Slow Down

Often, many people are in a hurry to run through the leadership obstacle course as fast as they can. This is understandable! One of the goals of the course is to finish in a timely manner. However, trying to complete some of these tasks in a rush can seriously affect your ability to accomplish them. For example, some of the team building activities require teams to balance on narrow obstacles. If you do not take the time to focus on maneuvering through this section of the course without messing up, then you will greatly hurt your chances of finishing on time.

Communicate with Other Team Members

When going through a leadership obstacle course with other team members, it is essential that everyone communicates with each other. These team building activities can’t be done alone, so everyone must collaborate together to achieve a common goal. This can especially come in handy when taking on the puzzle section of the course, where team members must assemble large cut-outs into a unified picture. Finishing this task in an efficient time requires people to talk about where certain pieces need to be positioned and so forth. You will find yourself doing much better if all of your group participates and contributes something toward the challenge.

Get Personal

Another thing that you will quickly notice when going through the obstacle course team building activities is that team members will need to stay close together in order to achieve some of the barriers. Your group may be challenged to transport balloons to another side of the course without using your hands, thus requiring you to utilize other portions of your body. In doing so, you may have to squeeze up against one of your partners in order to keep the balloon from falling. In other words, if you weren’t close with your team before coming to one of our adventure parks, then that will quickly change.

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Next time you head to one of our adventure parks, remember to put these tips to the test when running through the obstacle course team building activities. For more information on leadership training, contact us.

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