Empower’s Top-5 Leadership Soft-Skills for Students

Are you a student looking to take your “student-game” to the next level this coming school year? Or are you a parent hoping to help your child make the most of the non-academic opportunities, in addition to the academic opportunities, present in the daily school environment?

“Soft skills” can be defined as personal attributes that enable a person to be a contributing member, in a positive way, to her/his environment or community. Empower Leadership believes that a person’s soft skills are a direct reflection of her or his character – traits that can be transferred across many aspects of one’s life; including school, sport, employment, and more!

In celebration of the start of the 2019/2020 school year, we’d like to share the list of Empower’s Top-5 Leadership Soft-Skills for Students.

  1. Relationship Development 101: push yourself to share at least one positive social interaction with a DIFFERENT person each day of the school week
  2. “PPS”: persevere and problem solve – be sure to find solutions, not excuses!
  3. Stress Recognition & Management: build up your “stress awareness” through daily personal reflection – recognize what causes you personal stress; communicate clearly and respectfully with the adult resources, and work collaboratively towards solutions
  4. Practice the “Risk Assessment Decision Making Process” – take a second to think and review “what could happen if I do this???” before actually doing or saying something.
  5. Be empathetic towards individual differences, strengths, and challenges – as you become better at Relationship Development 101, you will recognize that your school community is comprised of a ton of great people who are all slightly different from one another; celebrate those differences on a daily basis and you’ll have a tight-night, supportive, and caring school community.

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