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Leadership Development and Team Building Consultation

Empower Leadership can help your organization conceptualize and build out a new Leadership Development and Team Building revenue stream by:

  • Training your programmers to deliver unique and uplifting experiential adventure-based initiatives and challenges
  • Creating sales goals and talking points for event organizers and clients
  • Developing prospecting and customer relationship strategies
  • Implementing a tried and true method to create partnerships with clients; leading to repeat business opportunities

Leadership and Team Building Modules

Leadership of Self Module

Achieve more by self-coaching through challenge, adversity, fear, and temptation!

Includes briefing, engager activity, In Plain Sight initiative, the Pipeline Challenge, and program debrief; all focusing on:

  • Level I Leadership of Self
  • Self accountability
  • Overcoming negative internal and external roadblocks to WINNING!
  • Persevering through challenges leading to triumphant accomplishments and sense of empowerment

Communication and Trust Module

A team culture founded on trust, communication, and accountability!

Includes briefing, engager activity, Team Memory and Key Punch initiatives, and program debrief; all focusing on:

  • Accountability towards individual roles
  • Highlighting the importance of communication in trust development
  • Process vs. Product – learning to focus on “controlling the controllables”

We Are One Module

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts – embracing the concept of TEAM over ME!

Includes briefing, engager activity, Stepping Stones and Balance Transfer initiatives, and program debrief; all focusing on:

  • Level II Leadership of Others
  • Embracing the concept of a unified team vs. individual accolades
  • Productive communication PLUS committed role performance PLUS support of teammates = Team Synergy

Leadership Reaction Course

A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions!

Empower Leadership’s signature “application challenge” featuring a series of team vs. team challenges; all focusing on:

  • Level I Leadership of Self
  • Level II Leadership of Others
  • Communication and trust development skill application in an exciting “team vs. team” environment
  • Discipline to focus on “the controllables”!

Empower Leadership has a proven track record as a premiere resource for team building and leadership development services for groups; delivering over 3,000 programs and workshops for over 160,000 participants since opening our first adventure facility in 2009. Will you join us on our mission to inspire 1 Million individuals to become leaders?


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Empower’s Winning Leadership Strategy

In this exclusive series, Empower Leadership’s Dan Jaskot will discuss our roadmap to winning.  Great leaders have a process that they are committed to, comprised of beliefs and actions that do not waiver regardless of the situation. Empower’s Winning Leadership Process includes 6 major themes over the course of this FREE videos.