Team Building and Leadership Adventures

We are all facing unprecedented challenges at work, at school, on the field, and at home. With new challenges comes a need for new solutions. Empower Leadership, in collaboration with our Empower Adventure Parks in Florida, Virginia, and Connecticut, has a variety of adventure experiences to help you and your teammates navigate through these difficult times!

Uplifting shared adventure experiences helping groups and teams forge stronger bonds while learning to embrace challenges and adversity, support one another, and overcome TOGETHER through a variety of online and socially distanced in-person events. Emerge together better than ever this Fall or Winter for safe, memorable, and beneficial adventures at exclusive price points on weekday experiences.

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Throw out everything you think you know about Zoom workshops and get ready to embark on a virtual adventure like no other! We have taken our sense of adventure to the digital world – boost morale, communicate productively, and problem solve together with our Digital EMERGE experiences.



Engaging, uplifting, and empowering! Teams will experience a unique and exciting perspective on how they work together, communicate productively, problem solve, and achieve together through customized ground-based adventure initiatives facilitated by our leadership experts.



Step out of your comfort zone, support teammates, and accomplish the exceptional with the SOAR Adventure which combines thrilling Aerial Adventure Park and Zip Lining experiences with EMERGE Team Building initiatives for a memorable, uplifting, and empowering event!