Online Team Building Ideas for Adult Groups

Many companies, corporate teams, and professional organizations continue to work remotely despite the recent relaxation of coronavirus guidelines and the fact that almost 100 million people have been vaccinated in the United States. The purpose of this article is NOT to debate whether businesses should go back to “business as usual”, but to share some easily implemented online team building activities for those teams that will continue to work remotely for the foreseeable future!

Lead, Inspire, and Empower…Online???

Online team building was not something that was on the “Empower Leadership Radar” prior to March of 2020; however, once the shutdown began, our creative juices started to flow. We evaluated all of our traditional in-person team building and leadership development activities, refocused on “the why” for each, then worked hard to transform our repertoire to the virtual, or online, format.

I am not the most tech-savvy individual and I’ve always considered myself a “traditionalist” when it comes to experiential adventures (in-person!!!); however, when it came time to either stop “doing Empower” or adjust and adapt – the choice was easy! I have delivered over 110 online team building and leadership development programs over the past 13 months – there have been plenty of highlights and a handful of struggles (improvement opportunities); however, this “old-school” facilitator was pleasantly surprised by the effectiveness of online programming.

Bypass the Learning Curve!

You will find (below) an outline of a few of Empower Leadership’s most popular online team building activities to help you bypass the learning curve and help bring a sense of unity back to your team despite the continued remote work!

Engager Activity #1

Two Truths, One Lie Activity – a competitive team building spin on an old classic!

Engager Activity #2

Create-a-Meme Activity – a little sarcastic humor can go a long way!

Team Building Challenge #1

The Art Forgery Challenge – productive communication and individual role performance through exciting adventure play!

Team Building Challenge #2

Your Team Has Talent Challenge – creativity, collaboration, and plenty of laughs!

EMERGE (online) Together, Better than Ever!

These example activities are perfect for a fun start or end to your next virtual team meeting! Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about the implementation of such activities – we are always happy to help!

Empower Leadership also offers a full-suite of online programming for corporate groups – including fun outings, team building programs, professional development workshops and leadership development training.

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