Empower Leadership delivers uplifting experiences inspiring team cohesion and personal development. Strengthen levels of trust, improve communication, inspire collaboration, and achieve together when you step out of your comfort zone with Empower Leadership.



Team building adventures are the perfect blend of productive team building and group bonding fun.  Strengthen relationships and foster collaboration with exciting and engaging experiences designed for adult or corporate groups of all types.

EMERGE Team Building   

Includes collaborative ground based adventure initiatives that provide teams a unique and exciting perspective on how they work together, communicate productively, problem solve, and achieve shared goals.

SOAR Team Building   

Combines our thrilling Zip Line Adventure with our EMERGE Team Building initiatives for a memorable comfort-zone challenging experience fostering teamwork, support, and exceptional achievements.

Tribal Team Challenge   

A competitive spin on EMERGE Team Building; includes ground-based team challenges set up in an exciting “team vs. team” competitive format. Which Tribe will become the Empower Leadership Champion?

Tribal PLUS Team Building   

The SOAR Team Building event with a competitive twist! Embark on a tree top journey during the Zip Line Adventure experience before taking on the Tribal Team Challenge event.


Highly customized experiential workshops and training services that engage participants in empowering skill building and professional development. Experiences can range from simple to intensive, with single workshops or multiple session workshops available. Our leadership experts will conduct a team needs assessment prior to designing a customized service specifically for your team.

Communication & Trust

Develop a greater sense of trust among team members through interactive presentations and ground-based initiatives focused on relationship development and opening lines of productive communication.

Mission/Vision Build Out

Develop a clearly stated Mission and Vision while creating a plan of action for team accountability during this experiential workshop. Includes interactive presentations and ground-based initiatives.

Intern Onboarding   

Leadership skill development, team building, and organization mission, vision and accountability training for your organization’s intern group through experiential relationship development and team building initiatives.

Faculty Development

Reconnect with team members, open lines of communication, and foster a greater sense of team through engaging relationship, trust, and team building initiatives during this uplifting professional development workshop.

Organization Goal Setting

Develop clearly defined organizational goals, a process for goal achievement, clearly defined roles, and a system for accountability through experiential presentations and ground-based initiatives.

People Strategy Training   

Develop a greater appreciation for individual leadership styles, problem solving tactics, communication styles, and perspective through interactive leadership assessments and experiential ground-based initiatives.

Curriculum Development

Develop your school’s leadership development and social emotional awareness experiential curriculum and prepare your faculty and staff to deliver experiences to your students during this multi-engagement training.

Personal Effectiveness

Leadership training designed to help you set and achieve personal and professional goals through strength assessments, identifying resources and support networks, and developing goal achievement strategies with your Leadership Coach


Team bonding adventures focused on the FUN!  These adventures are designed with fun group bonding in mind, allowing your team to take a break from the daily grind and share an exciting out of office experience together.

ASCEND Group Outing   

Your team will find the perfect amount of challenge and “out of comfort zone” experiences in our Zip Line Adventure featuring five zip lines, four aerial obstacles, and our 200′ suspension bridge.

EMERGE Group Outing   

Emerge together better than ever during our on the ground group outing featuring an exciting blend of collaborative and competitive team building initiatives and challenges appropriate for all ages and ability levels.

Tribal Group Challenge   

The Tribal Challenge is for groups looking for spirited competition! Teams compete in a variety of challenges requiring teamwork and problem solving. Earn points for your team and be crowned the Empower Leadership Champion!