Connect, Collaborate, and Conquer

Empower Leadership delivers uplifting experiences inspiring team cohesion and the development of essential leadership skills. Forge trusting relationships, improve communication, increase accountability, and learn to control the controllable, while leading yourself and others through challenge, adversity, and fear with Empower Leadership.



Team building adventures combine meaningful leadership and team skill development with memorable team bonding fun.  Coach oneself and others through challenge, adversity, fear, and temptation with exciting and engaging experiences designed for sports teams and athlete groups of all types.

SOAR Team Building

Combines our thrilling Aerial Adventure Park with our EMERGE Team Building initiatives for a memorable self leadership and team leadership opportunities fostering teamwork, support, and exceptional achievements.

EMERGE Team Building   

Includes collaborative and competitive ground-based adventure initiatives that help athletes learn to achieve shared team goals through committed role performance, productive communication, and a championship process.

Tribal Team Challenge   

A competitive spin on EMERGE Team Building; includes ground-based challenges set up in a “team vs. team” competitive format; simulating the competitive rigors of sport. Which Tribe will become the Empower Leadership Champion?

The Beast Team Challenge 

The SOAR Team Building event with a competitive twist! Combines competitive Aerial Adventure Park challenges with on the ground Tribal challenges for the ultimate test of mental toughness, teamwork, and leadership.

Online EMERGE Training

Inspire your athletes to embrace and conquer challenges by discovering new ways to communicate and work together. Learn more about our Comfortable Being Uncomfortable and Communication online workshop modules


Highly customized experiential workshops and training services that engage participants in empowering skill building and leadership development. Experiences can range from simple to intensive, with single workshops or multiple session workshops available. Our leadership experts will conduct a team needs assessment prior to designing a customized service specifically for your team.

Overcoming Adversity Mental Toughness Training  

The most important skill an individual can have is the ability to lead oneself through challenge, adversity, fear, and temptation. This demanding training will eliminate excuses and help athletes develop unwavering leadership skill.

Rangers Lead the Way – 24 Hour Leadership Intensive

Includes aerial and ground-based adventure challenges set up in a competitive, “platoon-style” event that will trim away at defense mechanisms and excuses, build confidence, and show athletes that, as a unified team, they are unstoppable.

Team Captain Leadership & Accountability Intensive

Empowering captains to set team goals and action plans, develop standards for off-season and in-season training and performance, and set accountability standards through multi-session workshops with Empower Leadership.

Lead, Inspire, Empower Professional Development

Empowering coaches to integrate leadership and character development into their team’s culture by creating clearly stated team routines, daily accountability checks, team standards for communication, and program-wide expectations.


Team bonding adventures focused on the FUN!  These adventures are designed with fun bonding in mind, allowing your team to take a break from the daily grind, celebration successes, and share an exciting adventure together.

ASCEND Group Outing   

Your team will find the perfect amount of challenge and “leadership of self” opportunities while trekking across over 80 unique climbing obstacles and zip lines set across 4 different challenge levels.

EMERGE Group Outing   

Emerge together better than ever during our on the ground group outing featuring an exciting blend of collaborative and competitive team building initiatives and challenges appropriate for all ages and ability levels.

Tribal Group Challenge   

The Tribal Challenge is for groups looking for spirited competition! Team compete in a variety of challenges requiring teamwork and problem solving. Earn points for your team and be crowned the Empower Leadership Champion!

Nomads Adventure Quest   

Connecticut’s largest indoor entertainment center featuring 80 arcade games, laser tag, a climbing wall, bounce houses, black light mini golf, virtual reality, and more! Meeting spaces and full service food and beverage available.

Revolutions Bowling

Connecticut’s premiere boutique bowling and entertainment center, Revolutions Bowling & Lounge features 16 state-of-the-art bowling lanes, 40 unique arcade games with a fully loaded prize zone, and food services.