There are tangible benefits to adventure.  While it can be said that adventure is in the eye of the beholder, having the courage to set out on an activity that (1) gets you out of your comfort zone, (2) is active and somewhat physical, and (3) creates uncertainty but immerses you into a new environment is a major emotional undertaking.  And it doesn’t matter if your adventure takes you out of the country or just out of your neighborhood, if you are setting out on a hike, climb, bike ride, boating excursion or something else and you are feeling “vulnerable” and uneasy about the outcome then you are on your way to adventuring.  Enjoy the ride.


In fact, at Empower, we believe that adventure is more mindset and attitude and less about a particular activity or physical experience.  We believe that with an adventurous heart and a willingness to expect the unexpected that one may grow beyond their wildest dreams and learn more about themselves and their potential than ever imagined.


At Empower, we believe that this mindset can lead you to activities that may be outside of your comfort zone.

As discussed in my article, Why You Should Break Out of Your Comfort Zone, I discussed the benefits of choosing activities that push you into your stretch zone. It is in this zone of optimal anxiety where your brain is most active and aware and where the adrenaline gives you the energy boost to be engrossed in what you are experiencing. This higher level of alertness and attention allows you to perform your best, ultimately achieving better than ever results.

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Some of the experiences we provide at Empower facilities include:


Soar through the treetops at one of our fully-guided zip line eco-tour facilities. Ride along zip lines in the forest canopy up to 750 feet in length!


Over 80 thrilling aerial challenges, zip lining, and rappelling adventures with trails rated for both new adventure seekers and experienced climbers!


Exciting climbing and traverse obstacles including high ropes climbing, aerial adventure park challenges, and our Leap of Faith adventure.


Land navigation, shelter building, water filtration, trapping, and fire craft – learn outdoor survival skills from our adventure experts!


Experience the thrill of taking adventure into your own hands! Rappel from platforms and towers under our watchful supervision and guidance.


Hit the water with a stand up paddle board and set off on exploring upper Tampa Bay in this fully guided adventure, including the lesson!


Hit the Himalayas with our approved adventure partner for one of several trek options.


Take any adventure course and we’ll find a way to test physical strength and endurance in our sports-style competitions.


The intention of each of these experiences is to get the participant out of their comfort zone and allow them the opportunity to hear, feel and experience the benefits of becoming a great self-coach.  That is, understanding the power of controlling that little voice in your head, coaching it to be positive and encouraging and coaching it to help your physical being go as far as you can plus one more step.

It is that one more step into your stretch zone that will help you become the best version of yourself armed with unshakeable confidence that can help you take the proper steps to improve your life.

When taking on adventures as a group, there is a natural bond that is born.  This bond is formed out of the vulnerability and uncertain outcomes that naturally exist in adventure activities.  The bond, while unspoken and generally not premeditated, becomes the spark for which a trusting relationship is born.

This is why fellow servicemembers stay close long after they leave the military. Simply, they’ve had multiple adventures where they felt vulnerable and out of their comfort zones together.  And their togetherness and ability to help each other through those moments of anxiety and stress created relationships with deep connections of trust and love.


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